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Photo - Chuck Place


I have been fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living most of my life. As a young boy I fell in love with photography soon after picking up my grandfathers camera. I have been making images as a commercial advertising photographer in studio and on location since 1984. The adventure of my career has involved a wide variety of subjects, from my first commercial job for Like Cola (7up's attempt at Coke), to clothing catalogs, medical instruments, resort hotels, celebrities, sports, nature, and more.

In 1991 my love of flight prompted me to make my first skydive. I have logged several thousand jumps since then and I am very passionate about aerial photography. It is a perfect mix of two of my greatest passions, flying, and photography.

In 2002 I was invited back to Brooks Institute (my alma mater) to teach. It was then that I realized I really enjoy teaching and sharing what I know. My teaching style is very similar to the way I coach skydivers. I believe in pushing my students beyond what they thought possible and helping them realize new possibilities for themselves. Some of my greatest accomplishments are not my own, but those of my students.

My latest personal explorations are abstractions. The work I've been enjoying the most tends to involve long exposures with the camera in motion. There is a wonderful balance of planned technique and serendipity that comes together in my favorite images.

And so the adventure continues. I continue to do my personal and commercial work. At the same time I am enjoying the opportunity to share my knowledge with eager students and help them on the path to their passion.